Miss Lee's Heart has recently adopted a new mission. We now focus on vetting deserving families that support children with special needs. Donors can be assured that their 501(c)(3) donation dollars go only to families that have passed her rigorous assessment process, and continue to exhibit legitimate needs. Please generously donate to Miss Lee's Heart, and rest assured that your financial gifts will be promptly and wisely distributed to the substantial needs of these wonderful families.

Our first special-needs family, the Delaneys, has adopted six children with a variety of challenging health needs including special home health care, frequent doctor visits, and frequent surgeries. Please click here for more information about the Delaney family.

Miss Lee's talents run in the family. For many years her father, Mr. Tom, has been vetting deserving charities, matching them with recurring donors of food and sundries, and managing volunteer deliveries. Please click here for more information about MrTomsHeart.org.

We support deserving families with special needs children that have health challenges including:

Muscular Dystrophy
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Downs Syndrome
Auditory Processing Disorder
Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

Here’s a recent interview with our first special needs family: The Delaneys!

After working with my daughter Lee Smith over the years, I am excited about the new mission of Miss Lee’s Heart. Lee has a heart for volunteering and loves giving back to the community. She shows compassion and empathy and enjoys spending time with special needs families in the Metro Atlanta area. I see big things in the future for Miss Lee’s Heart!

Tom Umstead February 28, 2019

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