Miss Lee’s Story

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help others. I came by this naturally from having such wonderful and giving parents. I have been working for nonprofits for over 10 years. I love to help people! I continue to do volunteer work for my Dad’s nonprofit, Mr. Tom’s Heart. Sometimes I think when I am helping others that I am really helping myself more. I hear so many encouraging stories and I get to see so many incredible people.

My latest passion is helping special needs families. My Dad overcame a big speech impediment when he was young. I have dealt with ADHD and anxiety with someone I am close too. There are so many kinds of special needs. To name a few:

Muscular Dystrophy
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Downs Syndrome
Auditory Processing Disorder
Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

And you know what? Nobody should feel ashamed for their special needs. I think God just made these friends more “special.” I struggle with anxiety and will tell the world because I hope it will help someone else. I haven’t done anything wrong so I don’t feel ashamed at all!

I get so much joy and satisfaction by giving my time. I look forward to working with special needs families beginning in 2019!

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