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The Delaney Family

Derron & Amy were married in 1997, with Amy having two biological children and Derron having one (whom Amy adopted at age 11) from previous marriages.

Derron learned paramedicine during his time as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. Following his honorary discharge, he worked as a paramedic in both large cities and small towns before joining the film industry as a set medic in 2003.

Amy graduated from college in 1988 with an Associates in Office Administration and worked in emergency medical services after completion of paramedic school in 1996. Following the family’s first two adoptions, Amy returned to school and earned an Associates in Respiratory Therapy to provide herself with a better understanding of how to care for her children with tracheostomies. In 2017, Amy (now a parent of 10 children) accomplished her personal goal of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. It was also during this time that Amy met their last adopted son and two years ago his biological brother came to live them. There are six additional adopted children in the Delaney Family ages 11 thru 15.

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