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Genuine Caring…Selfless…True

I had been on my own in ICU with my son for days. The holidays were approaching which made me feel even more alone.

Miss Lee came by my son’s room asking if I needed anything. She further extended herself by inviting me to join her for Thanksgiving dinner. I shared that I didn’t feel like I could leave so, she brought me food and continually checked on me to see if our situation was changing. She listened. She encouraged. She showed me compassion. Not only did she touch-base with me, but as my son started doing better Miss Lee ensured he was aware that the community supported him. She spoke with him, brought by small gifts that represented his interests, and listened to his dreams.

These acts of generosity for someone whom she previously had never met is the epitome of goodness and moral integrity. She has a steadfast desire to assist children and their families, ingrained in her from all the great work she experienced her parents accomplishing through Mr. Tom’s Heart.

Children with special needs and/or chronically sick children have parents that were already tired before they even arrived at the hospital. Planned inpatient procedures require just that…planning–organization of the family unit prior to hospital admission while maintaining the daily care of the child. As one of those parents, I appreciate Miss Lee’s Heart recognizing that struggle and realizing that inpatient hospital stays affect not only the child but, their parents, brothers & sisters, grandparents and extended family.


Amy Delaney


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