The Delaney Family

Derron & Amy were married in 1997, with Amy having two biological children and Derron having one (whom Amy adopted at age 11) from previous marriages.

Derron learned paramedicine during his time as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. Following his honorary discharge, he worked as a paramedic in both large cities and small towns before joining the film industry as a set medic in 2003.

Amy graduated from college in 1988 with an Associates in Office Administration and worked in emergency medical services after completion of paramedic school in 1996. Following the family’s first two adoptions, Amy returned to school and earned an Associates in Respiratory Therapy to provide herself with a better understanding of how to care for her children with tracheostomies. In 2017, Amy (now a parent of 10 children) accomplished her personal goal of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. It was also during this time that Amy met their last adopted son and two years ago his biological brother came to live them. There are six additional adopted children in the Delaney Family ages 11 thru 15.

Avery Delaney

Most times, you see Avery Isaiah (age 14) smiling. He has accomplished more than anyone ever thought possible. Avery suffered non accidental trauma as a toddler which resulted in brain damage affecting his ability to speak and he walks with an unsteady gait. Avery is also autistic.

When Derron & Amy met Avery (age 4) he spent the majority of his time in a wheelchair, showed no emotion and made no attempt to speak. Avery is now in the 6th grade, is not in a wheelchair, enjoys interacting with others, and through the help of an assisted technology program he has an electronic device that can “talk” for him that he’s currently learning to use. This makes him happy because he can share stories about his favorite shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Peppa Pig, Live PD or Boston EMS), where he wants to eat (McDonalds, ChickfilA, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, or Waffle House) and which music he wants to listen to (all types of which he loves). Avery is a patient at a rehabilitation clinic and participates in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Grace Delaney

Grace Norissa, 13, is a songbird, and a highly creative young lady. She has a beautiful singing voice and is a sketch artist.

The Delaney’s received the blessing of bringing her home when she was just two days old. Grace has worked hard to manage her body’s challenges with sensory integration/processing disorder and the lack of acceptance that sometimes accompanies a misunderstanding of kids that are autistic like Grace.

She loves any and all types of animals. She is joyful, funny and enjoys theatre and participating on a competition cheer team. Grace is in the 7th grade and weekly attends occupational, speech, and horse therapy.

Jeremiah Delaney

Jeremiah Francisco is 12 and in the 6th grade. His favorite subjects in school are science and math and he has ambitions of becoming a doctor or an architect. He has a desire to become a doctor because he states that he wants to learn why his brothers and sisters have medical complications but, also thinks being an architect and having the opportunity to design and engineer different types of structures is interesting. Jeremiah is phenomenal at puzzles and is obsessed with athletics of all kinds.

Jeremiah’s birth family was in the United States illegally and when they experienced hardships they were nervous about asking for assistance. Jeremiah was placed with the Delaney’s at the age of 11 months weighing only 13 pounds. He required multiple surgeries for his lungs, there were cardiac concerns, and he required a g-tube for feeding. Years of physical, occupational, speech, and feeding therapy followed but now his only battle is asthma.

Lexie Delaney

Lexie Hannah, 11, proudly states that she is the baby of the family. A total “girly-girl” she makes sure her fingernails are always painted, her jewelry is on, and her shoes and clothes are fashion. Lexie is deaf and also has Treacher Collins Syndrome like Malachi. Often times, Malachi and Lexie will have surgeries together but, Lexie has had a few more than her brother. Lexie was unable to open her mouth until approximately 6 months ago. She is currently in therapy to help stretch her jaw in the hopes that in the future she can utilize an obturator to close her cleft palate.

Lexie also participates in speech and feeding therapy, physical and occupational therapy and is a patient of both a craniofacial clinic and a rehabilitation clinic. Lexie is the girl that you want to take out shopping and singing karaoke, she doesn’t let her surgeries or her tracheostomy slow her down.

Logan Delaney

Logan Abram, 15, came into Derron & Amy’s life at age 4. Initially, it was suspected that Logan was struggling with hemophilia but, soon after being placed with the Delaney’s for adoption it was discovered that he actually had a rare form of a bleeding disorder known as Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia. Logan underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (utilizing donated frozen umbilical cord) in 2005.

Logan is now in remission and a patient of a survivor’s clinic and rehabilitation clinic. As a result of non accidental trauma as a young child, Logan does have a traumatic brain injury that impacts his executive functioning skills and ability to learn. He is in the 8th grade and enjoys photography and video production. Logan also struggles with anxiety and PTSD and he benefits from weekly occupational and speech therapy.

Malachi Delaney

Malachi Burnette was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome which is when you are born with an absence of bones in your face and often the airway is compromised. Malachi is also deaf. He has had over 30 craniofacial surgeries, has had a tracheostomy, g-tube, and currently wears bone anchored hearing aids. Malachi unfortunately suffered a brain injury on his right side due to non accidental trauma prior to joining the Delaney Family at age 5.

Malachi has participated in physical and occupational therapy as well as speech and feeding therapy. He is followed by both a craniofacial clinic and rehabilitation clinic. Malachi is in the 5th grade, fancies reptiles and all forms of transportation (with planes being at the top of the list). Malachi’s surgeries will continue until he is an adult.

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